mentor application form

Thank you for volunteering in RaisingHOPE’s Mentorship Program

In this role you are required to ensure that information regarding specific children in foster care is kept confidential at all times.

Only a judge or attorney for a child is authorized to release, discuss or review information regarding dependent or foster youth. The laws of confidentiality were developed to protect each child’s rights, their safety and to prevent the re-victimization of children in foster care.

After reading the following, please sign below that you will follow the rules of confidentiality of information regarding specific foster children.

  1. Refer all inquiries regarding specific foster youth to RaisingHOPE staff.
  2. Regardless of where the information is found, do not view, remove or discuss it with anyone other than
    RaisingHOPE staff.

Thank you for understanding the importance of
protecting the children we are serving.

Please allow 1–2 weeks for standard processing.